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My very late Ada Lovelace post

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I have resigned myself to being a late person, so no surprise that I am now posting my Ada Lovelace blog a week late ūüôĀ Am not usually this bad with things but… Part of the reason that my blog is so late is I couldn’t think of who to blog about. Last year I […]

Project management for e-learning

Those of you that know me well will know I am a little sceptical about project management. Don’t get me wrong I do understand that if you are given a lot of money to deliver a “project” then you need to demonstrate that you do have some (vague) idea of what you are going to […]


I had to blog about this as was really annoyed after I had watched the BBC4 programme on “Mothers”. This was part of a 3-programme series about women today and the impact of feminism – other two programmes entitled “Libbers” and “Activists”. ¬†I was particularly interested in this programme as I had been interviewed about […]

Leadership presence: Gordon Brown

Funny bit of serendipity happened this morning. ¬†Was struggling towards Kings Cross with my 3 yr old daughter – we were supposed to be on a bus to nursery but there were no buses, bad traffic, etc etc – she was being carried as she had walked half the way and then given up. This […]

Strategic Learning Environment: Engagement

Last week I ran a workshop with key staff from Schools on engagement with our Strategic Learning Environment. The workshop was ostensibly to look at School plans and revisit our vision to make sure it still encompassed what we wanted it to. I also wanted to try out a plan for a workshop from Peter […]

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Why I love working in a University

I have been meaning to write this blog post for ages, but the recent #loveHE campaign by the Times Higher has inspired me to finally write this. There are many reasons why I love working in a University, but this was¬†crystallised recently when my three year old daughter, Sylvia, developed a stammer. Anyone who has […]

Is feedback really the problem?

I went to the Heads of Educational Development (HeDG) Group last week where the major topic of the morning session was looking at assessment and feedback run by the¬†ASKe CeTL – Assessment Standards Knowledge exchange. ¬†The idea of the session was that we started to think about feedback differently and that really it is about […]

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Twitter Digest for 2010-03-15

Oh dear waiting at paddington for train to Bristol for #helf but is delayed – many unintelligible annoucements being made # So much for the mobile office, flaky Internet connections + crashing outlook + silly iPhone typepad leave me v frustrated # learning about ITIL #helf # Malcolm Murray #helf itil about culture change. Think […]

Twitter Digest for 2010-03-09

Just seen city on newsnight. We getting some good press at moment although they could have chosen nicer rooms to do the filming in # 20 emails sent today, not including personal ones – but why am still thinking about it at 12.30am? # today I am mostly in meetings – ha, no time to […]