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e is for expert

JISC e-Pedagogy Experts Meeting: Birmingham, October 2010 I went off to the JISC e-pedagogy experts meeting with a dual hat on, I am on the experts group but was also presenting with the cluster group from our JISC curriculum design project.

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Working smarter?

Today I have vowed to give up my tablet for note taking for 16 weeks (stifles sob).  This is all in the cause of attempting to be a better note taker, sorry, knowledge gatherer, meeting planner, analyst and generally just make the hours that I spend in meetings more effective.


Educause10: Reflections on day 3

Day three is always a short one in order to let everyone get home on a Friday pm. Amazing the travel time of US based attendees, some had spent nearly as much time in the air as I had even though they had travelled half as far. Reckon LA is easier to get to from […]

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Educause10: Reflections on day 2

Found day two a bit more difficult to find sessions at first as seemed a lot more technology focused and even the learning and teaching track sessions were around things like interoperability standards etc and the leadership track ones around infrastructure etc. Anyway I persevered and got into the session at 8am to hear more […]

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This House Debates Lecture Capture

Dan Roberts, LSE Always good to travel thousands of miles to see speakers from your own city 😉 LSE have been using lecture capture for a while, they have a strict policy governing the use of lecture capture

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Blogging About Educational Technology

A Discussion for Current and Prospective Bloggers Kenneth C. Green – The Campus Computing Project, Scott Jaschik – Inside Higher Ed, Joshua Kim – Dartmouth College,  Eric Stoller – Inside Higher Ed Joshua: Blogging enables you to get ideas out there fast and get good comments back – benefits of crowdsourcing your ideas. Talking to each other […]

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The Recruitment, Retention, and Advancement of Women in Higher Education IT

Session about how to support women into IT careers particularly in HE. www.ncwit.org About collaboration, understanding academic positions, relationships Susan E. Metros, Associate Vice Provost/Associate CIO/Professor , University of Southern California What is a nice girl like you doing in IT? Family conflicts for women. U of California research – over 70% of women felt made […]

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It’s About the Relationship: IT and Academic Affairs Partner to Support Faculty

Craig A. Fowler, Chief Information Officer,Anna McFadden, Director of Academic Engagement and IT Governance Western Carolina University At its core is a teaching and learning center that reports to and receives funding from both divisions. The Center was recently named one of eleven 2010 Innovators by Campus Technology Magazine. Centre offers coaching for faculty and talk […]

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Educause10 thoughts so far

Been a bit tardy writing up my thoughts as have been so busy – takes a long time to walk from one session to another 😉 So good things/good thoughts 1. Social media session was great, so good ideas and felt inspired 2. Love organisation at Educause – loads of power sockets, fab wireless, efficient […]

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Top-10 Questions to Consider When Implementing Social Media

Perspectives of Different Campuses: Shannon Ritter, Coordinator of Auditions, Interviews, and Admissions, School of Theatre, The Pennsylvania State University, Tanya Joosten,Interim Associate Director, Learning Technology Center, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, AJ Kelton, Director, Emerging Instructional Tech, College of Humanities & Social Sciences, Montclair State University Grr, due to stupid laptop problem I lost all my notes from […]

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