Welcome to my blog and thank you for finding it!  This is where I muse about being a working mother, my professional life as a Director and a Professor, my parenting and general approaches, as well as sharing ideas of things that have worked for me.

I’m a mother of four children, Sylvia (13), Isaac (8), Mariela (8) and Antonia (4). Yes I have twins! My partner is Mike, also a twin and an IT Manager by profession and an environmental scientist at heart.

I am Director of Learning Enhancement and Development and Professor of Learning and Teaching Development at a central London university. I’m interested in how to support and lead others, I teach a module on leadership development and write about change, educational technology and leadership in higher education. I am also a Lego Serious Play Facilitator and have a passion for trying to bring creativity, play and different ways of thinking into everything I do. Introducing Lego Serious Play into my life has made me think about a lot of things differently.

I am a maker at heart, always playing around and creating things at home from unsuccessful sourdough to random Lego creations to re-organising the house. Mike calls it “re-engineering” and sometimes I think if I had my time again I would study engineering.

My PhD was on seventeenth-century women’s poetry and androgyny, namely a study of Aphra Behn, Anne Bradstreet and Margaret Cavendish. I miss “my women” as I call them and have secret fantasies about teaching poetry again. Maybe one day.

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