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Plastic free Lent: #3

Day 6: After feeling pointless about plasticless yesterday decided attempting to go totally plastic free is naive, unhelpful, unattainable and possibly undesirable. Instead have decided to focus in a Ghandi-esque fashion on that which I can change, not that which I cannot and also cut myself some slack and think about changes I have already […]

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Plastic free lent: #2

After the triumph of making my own yoghurt and the cheese wheel dreams, I now start to wonder why I am bothering at all.

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Plastic free Lent #1

Like many people, I’ve been trying to cut down on plastic for a while, especially single use plastic. So we’ve all got stainless steel bottles for water; stainless steel straws; reusable, non plastic lunch containers and a beeswax wrap (I keep meaning to make some of my own); moved to milk delivery in glass bottles […]

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Things people say to you when you have twins

When you have twins you get a lot of attention.  Which is lovely and I do feel proud but can be rather bizarre at times.  Sometimes I feel like a bit of freak show, particularly as we have a rather distinctive and large buggy (it is a Chariot Cougar) which attracts people’s eye. Going into M&S […]


Nappies, nits, nursing and naps

I’ve not blogged for a while and despite my resolution to blog whilst on maternity leave my babies are now 14 weeks old and this is the first time I’ve managed to do it. This is because I’ve been pretty preoccupied with everything beginning with “n”! Ah the world of full-time motherhood.

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And in other news from ‘Honk Honk’

Ok so I have been blogging happily about the conference, but all work and no play makes SQ a very sad girl and have to say there have been other things we have been up to too! So, a quick run down of some things we have  been doing when not working hard conferencing!…..btw reference […]

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I had to blog about this as was really annoyed after I had watched the BBC4 programme on “Mothers”. This was part of a 3-programme series about women today and the impact of feminism – other two programmes entitled “Libbers” and “Activists”.  I was particularly interested in this programme as I had been interviewed about […]