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Cats and blue skies: leading? education

Pam and I presented at INTED 2017 this morning on developing educational leadership. Our presentation is available on slide share . We were part of a session on leadership and management in universities. This was an interesting and lively session addressing various aspects and challenges of educational leadership.

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Viral change, analytics and design.

Moving on from my musings on social networking raising questions about the virtual spaces in which we meet students, I’ve now been to some sessions on learning analytics and learning design which have also raised interesting and semi-related topics.

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Reflections on our inspiration day

In November, Anise, Annemarie and myself took a day out to try the technique of walking and learning, as outlined in Anise’s previous post.  The day was a fantastic opportunity to gain some thinking time as well as trying out a technique that I had read about from elsewhere and I wanted to use in the […]

Reflections on learning

I’m at the 21st International Conference on Learning in New York City.  This is very exciting as its my first international conference in a long time – since at least 2011.  Its great to get out and about again so that I can find out what is happening in the sector and get some good ideas […]

Letting go

Currently I am giving a keynote presentation at the 16th annual SEDA conference in Birmingham. In reality I am sitting at my desk, at home, in Islington, not even talking into a microphone because I recorded the whole thing about three weeks ago.  Being today 36 weeks pregnant with twins we decided it was too […]

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Celebration and fellowship

On Wednesday night I had the honour, and pleasure, of attending the National Teaching Fellowship Awards Scheme dinner as I received a National Teaching Award this year from the Higher Education Academy and have now become a National Teaching Fellow.  The ceremony and dinner was held at Middle Temple Hall in London which was a […]

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Coffee and papers blog

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages and given that I have been v v slack with my blogging (I blame pregnancy, seems as good as excuse as any!) seems appropriate to start back with this. So I’ve talked to a few people about the genius coffee and papers idea and I can say […]

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SEDA Conference 2010: David Green keynote

Constructive realignment? UK educational development from the outside Opening keynote from the SEDA conference in Chester was given by David Green from the University of Seattle. David used to work in the UK so gave an interesting perspective on the differences between educational development in the UK and the US.


Reflections on International Conference on Learning: Day Two

Well, day two down, two more to go – pretty long conference this one. So some thoughts… Pretty mixed bag of presentations, presentation topics and styles. Probably due to breadth of the theme – from School to HE and also the range of cultures and countries represented Session on web2.0 usage by staff and students […]

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Professional scruples

Oh dear, it has been a rather long time since I have blogged. Well, nearly a month, and I got told off by my blogging other half for cluster blogging. “That is not the way you are supposed to blog”, he told me. Ok, point taken, but is quite representative of me – a bit […]