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Thinking about feminism and making a difference

So on Tuesday night I actually went OUT. With a friend. On a school night. SO exciting. And what I went to was even more exciting as it was run by the School of Life as part of their Heroes season and it was Harriet Harman MP interviewing Jo Brand.  There is a video of […]

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Improving student learning: it’s not about technology

Last week I was part of a panel presentation session at the HE Expo with Fiona Strawbridge, UCL and Phil Tubman, University of Lancaster. Our brief was to talk about how technology could be used to improve student learning.  Even though we hadn’t talked about it before, we all presented complementary viewpoints. Fiona talked about […]

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Messy change

Published this on our Educational Vignettes blog so thought I would add it here…. Bit of self promotion, so excuse me for that, but I thought people might be interested in this piece by Patsy Cullen on HEA/LFHE Changing the Learning Landscape workshop that I contributed to a few weeks ago. The workshop is looking […]

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Nappies, nits, nursing and naps

I’ve not blogged for a while and despite my resolution to blog whilst on maternity leave my babies are now 14 weeks old and this is the first time I’ve managed to do it. This is because I’ve been pretty preoccupied with everything beginning with “n”! Ah the world of full-time motherhood.

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Coffee and KPIs exercise for SEDA conference

A few people have asked for details of the exercise I did at the SEDA conference around KPI and measuring, so here it is…. The exercise relates to my other post on coffee, lego and KPIs about measuring the impact of educational development initiatives. I had about 20-30mins to run this from start to finish […]

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Social presentation for social media

The scene…. Last Monday we held our first researchers’ day which was intended to bring new researchers and phd students together and help create a strong research community.  The day was a mix of plenary discussions/presentations and breakout workshops. Ajmal and I had volunteered or been volunteered (can’t remember which!) to run a session on […]

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Coffee, KPIs and lego

This post is fulfilling a number of functions: summarising a discussion at the Heads of Educational Development Group (HEDG) on Monday about the value of KPIs my notes from Barbara Dexter’s session at the SEDA conference the following day on “Targets and performance measures in educational development: how helpful are they?” and David Baume’s session […]

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Loving working in HE … most of the time

In the spirit of the THES #loveHE campaign and also because it is Friday thought a positive post would be appropriate. The other week I had the most ridiculous week, but came out of it strangely positive and with a renewed appreciation of the benefits of working in HE in the UK.

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My Women in Technology blog post

Recently was asked to be a guest blogger for Women in Technology and my first blog post is on the lack of women on conference panels. Tried not to rant too much!


Educause10 thoughts so far

Been a bit tardy writing up my thoughts as have been so busy – takes a long time to walk from one session to another 😉 So good things/good thoughts 1. Social media session was great, so good ideas and felt inspired 2. Love organisation at Educause – loads of power sockets, fab wireless, efficient […]

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