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AISHE 2010: Designing and delivering curricula for the future

Day 1 Introductory keynote: Richard 0’Kennedy, Vice-President for Learning Innovation and Professor of Biological Sciences, Dublin City University Exploiting research based teaching: opportunities and challenges for design and delivery of curricula Important thing is how to develop individuals and give them skills for the future. Opportunities Teaching –research nexus is central. Student intellectual development and […]

Conference takeaways

Ah a bit late but at least have had time to reflect! So things to do and takeaway….. Write up and publish paper with Pam (August 2010) Evaluation of impact of PG Certs ie MAAP – suggest to the team (August 2010). Actually have already done this in a conversation with Neal Encourage more of […]

And in other news from ‘Honk Honk’

Ok so I have been blogging happily about the conference, but all work and no play makes SQ a very sad girl and have to say there have been other things we have been up to too! So, a quick run down of some things we have  been doing when not working hard conferencing!…..btw reference […]

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Technology Wasn’t Invented by Generation Y

Kerry Maree Lee, School for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, Judy Kalopa, Auckland, New Zealand New Zealand has a large Pacific Island population which is growing rapidly.  Have a new School curriculum that has to be delivered for everybody and includes compulsory technology element of all children between ages […]

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Waste not, want not

On 24th May when the new Con-Lib Government announced its first round of cuts to reduce “waste” one of the things they put into this category was the Child Trust Fund. See – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/10146734.stm This scheme, launched under Labour, gave every child £250 at birth to be invested in a special tax free account and […]



Ok have decided I am a rubbish blogger – or perhaps I should rephrase that and set the expectation that I will blog once a month – then if I do more, I have exceeded that, but if I only manage this every four weeks, I will be happy 🙂 Not that I don’t have […]

My very late Ada Lovelace post

I have resigned myself to being a late person, so no surprise that I am now posting my Ada Lovelace blog a week late 🙁 Am not usually this bad with things but… Part of the reason that my blog is so late is I couldn’t think of who to blog about. Last year I […]

Project management for e-learning

Those of you that know me well will know I am a little sceptical about project management. Don’t get me wrong I do understand that if you are given a lot of money to deliver a “project” then you need to demonstrate that you do have some (vague) idea of what you are going to […]

Strategic Learning Environment: Engagement

Last week I ran a workshop with key staff from Schools on engagement with our Strategic Learning Environment. The workshop was ostensibly to look at School plans and revisit our vision to make sure it still encompassed what we wanted it to. I also wanted to try out a plan for a workshop from Peter […]

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Why I love working in a University

I have been meaning to write this blog post for ages, but the recent #loveHE campaign by the Times Higher has inspired me to finally write this. There are many reasons why I love working in a University, but this was crystallised recently when my three year old daughter, Sylvia, developed a stammer. Anyone who has […]