SEDA CPD: 2019-2020: How I will use my learning

Play Well Exhibition at the Wellcome Trust

From the learning I have gained during my CPD, I will

Helping sort Mummy’s Lego
  • Continue to help me grow as a leader and working parent, as a role model
  • Support colleagues at my university and students by listening to stories of race and inequality so that I can work more effectively with them to enact change
  • Mentor and support colleagues facing similar challenges to me by sharing my experiences and coaching them
  • Plan for the future of my Directorate and adapt to change
  • Work more effectively and respond to changes in my working environment and personal life
  • Collaborate more effectively with colleagues and senior leaders
  • Grow my networks for the benefit of my working environment and bring more ideas and creativity back to the team as well share problems and challenges
  • Think of other ways of writing/getting your ideas known to broaden mine and colleagues horizons
  • Bring new ways of thinking to my work and frame this strategically
  • Improve my teaching and other facilitated activities
  • Engage in professional development opportunities that will further my career in the future
  • Focus, plan and review in order to use my time most effectively.

Read section 5: My future plans

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