SEDA CPD: 2019-2020: My future plans

Things I want to achieve in 2020-2021, these are subject to many things but I was facing a change in my working pattern in September anyway due to all children being in school. I will also need to focus, as everyone at my institution on education, so any “research” will need to be applied to our practice, as would be expected anyway because of the work that I am doing.

From the Virginia Woolf walk
  1. Plan my future working pattern and role development
  2. Continue coaching
  3. Act as a coach
  4. Start a podcast with a colleague
  5. Continue to blog regularly and publish Lego blog/vlog series
  6. Engage in the LSP community
  7. Start research into playful practice and leadership to support educational practice
  8. Publish three articles in progress, one book chapter and two other articles that are planned
  9. Resume conference activity where possible and contribute to external events to share and learn from others about working flexibly, leadership and education during a pandemic
  10. Adapt LSP online and consider how to use it in the future.
  11. Arrange a writing retreat for early 2021 to progress and plan writing, reflect on role and development

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