SEDA CPD: 2021-2022: My future plans

My future plans will help me grow in my professional practice and develop new opportunities. It is exciting to think that there are new experiences waiting for me to discover over the next year. Those are represented by the orbs (do love them!) each one filled with something new. Connections are yet unknown but the opportunities exist.

Thinking about my CPD for 2022-2023, these are what I would like to develop:

  1. Coaching practice – pass my coaching apprenticeship is the first step, then thinking about where to take my coaching. Should I do another programme? How can I make sure to maintain clients when I am no longer on the course? What forms of coaching would I like to learn more about?
  2. Leadership practice – I’ve not done any formal leadership development for a while and so this is something I would like to look into again and think about what might be appropriate.
  3. Writing and thinking environments – I would like to have another writing and thinking retreat. How to make this happen with the time constraints is an issue here but not an insurmountable one. Planning this in in advance would be key with clear objectives.
  4. Build external networks – my networks have changed so I would like to keep building and developing these. Attending at least two external events next year.
  5. Race and EDI – considering allyship training and development. Attending at least one course on building my knowledge and understanding of how to work effectively on EDI and be a racial equality ambassador.
  6. Playful practice – completing the playful ethics and undertaking research into playful leadership and practice. One publication or presentation would be good here.
  7. Promoting my ideas – resurrect my blog and keep engaged with podcasting or other forms of dissemination.

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