SEDA CPD Report: 2021-2022: How I will use my learning

I will use my learning from the past year to improve my leadership practice and my professional work. Each of the lovely blue orbs (my favourite lego pieces ever!) represent different insights and how I will bring these together.

  1. Use my time wisely! Carve out thinking space in the diary in advance and stick to it. Remember that there are some weeks/times of year that are crazy busy and accept these in order to take time and space at other times.
  2. When taking on big projects, dedicate time weekly to that priority. Even half and hour can make a difference.
  3. Trust the process! Always! Remember that learning is a process, life is a process. There will be a process even if it does not seem like it at the time. Making space and taking time to breathe can enable me to get some perspective and build trust.
  4. Show compassion. I believe people are doing their best and coming from a place of good. I should make sure I show compassion to myself. I will demonstrate compassionate leadership to myself and others. This is vital for all my work but particularly around EDI and mental health.
  5. Take time to have fun. Some of my best experiences and learning this year have been using Lego Serious Play and taking time out to do things differently. Scary, yes, showing vulnerability yes, and ultimately fun.
  6. Keep engaging in external networks to again new ideas for my work. Going to external events has really supported my development and given me more confidence for my role and ideas in my own institution.

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