And in other news from ‘Honk Honk’

Ok so I have been blogging happily about the conference, but all work and no play makes SQ a very sad girl and have to say there have been other things we have been up to too! So, a quick run down of some things we have  been doing when not working hard conferencing!…..btw reference to “Honk Honk” is what my beloved 3 yr old mini sq calls Hong Kong

  • Star Ferry – been on the fab Star Ferry between Kowloon and Hong Kong Island both by day and night and even on the upper deck (posh bit!).  I love the Star Ferry as it is fantastic – views are brilliant and it costs just pence
  • Markets – we’ve been to the Bird Market, Ladies Market, Flower Market and Night Markets.  Highlights included bags of live locusts etc in Bird Market, piles of Hello Kitty stuff in the Ladies Market and a good bit of bartering, impromptu street karaoke in the Night Market

  • Cocktails – have had some rather lovely cocktails in some rather lovely locations – the Philippe Starck designed bar, Felix, at the Peninsula, which has a fantastic view of Hong Kong island and the Blue Bar at the Four Seasons (accompanied by a pretty good band and some rather lovely cheesy snacks)
  • Shopping – malls, malls, malls everywhere – you can’t avoid it. Would be like trying not to go into a casino in Las Vegas.  To get in and out of any tube station or hotel you have to go through a mall. Shame
  • Temples – well one actually. I trekked up to the 10,000 Golden Buddhas Temple above Sha Tin yesterday. Was absolutely wonderful and well worth the hike up a rather steep hill in 32+ degrees with 80% humidity. Would have been slightly less hot if had not found that it closed at 5.30 and I arrived at bottom of hill at 5.10. Eek.

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