Antonia turns 5!

Antonia was 5 this weekend. She said to me yesterday that she wants to remember her 5th birthday for ever because she got what she wanted. So sweet. In this case that was a kindle. Yikes. The bonus of being the youngest child. I was not keen on getting her a kindle but then given that she spends time on my phone I wondered if a kindle was actually better in terms of access and screen size etc. We also consulted with the others as one of the reasons she wanted a kindle was to play Minecraft with the others. She had planned out everything she wanted to build which was quite sweet really. The other kids were unanimous in agreeing that she had to have a kindle, which was a pleasant surprise, I had thought they might be jealous that she was getting one at an earlier age to them (Isaac and Mariela didn’t get theirs to they were 8!), but not at all. In fact, they were all bursting with excitement about her opening this gift and we all saved it to last to increase the anticipation. In fact it was a really lovely validation of how generous and co-operative the children are and how, I think, they have really learned to work together during the pandemic and lockdown. It heartened me that despite all the fights and niggles and sometimes absolutely awful comments to each other they really do love, and like each other, deep down.

Cake made by Sylvia – the advantage of having older kids 🙂

In true Covid-19 fashion we had a Zoom party too which was ok but no real substitute for a real one, maybe when she starts school. And spent a lovely day just playing with new Lego sets, the Playmobil zoo and just chilling out. Oh and Mariela got this ace book making Zoo animals from recycling which has resulted in us needing to go to our neighbours to get more toilet rolls and egg boxes!

Antonia turning 5 has made me realise that this is the first time in 14 years that I have not been pregnant or had an under 5 year old. That is nearly a third of my life! Feels like a BIG milestone! Despite the rotting buggy outside we are now totally out of the world of naps, buggys, nappies and all other things toddler and baby related. This feels a bit weird, generally I am ok with it despite a few pangs about little baby feet in velour babygros but I do not think there will be any baby 5 in this house so I’m excited about what the next 14+ years hold. I would not have thought I would be here with these kids 14 years ago, so its exciting!

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