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I was really honoured to be interviewed for this podcast a few weeks ago. I discovered Laura Vanderkam about a year ago after listening to a Peter Bregman Leadership podcast and then went on to read some of her books. I know how she does it about working women and time management is one of my particular favourites, as well as 168 hours which made me think a lot about the concept of time and to challenge the notion that I have often said “I don’t have time to…” In fact, it was after reading 168 hours that I started to do more yoga, spend less time messing around on the internet or watching mindless TV in the evening and felt more in control of time and my life! So nothing major gained from that then 😉 I have now been doing yoga since 1st August 2019 every day which is around 300 days at the moment and I am pretty proud of that. I would never have thought that was possible a year ago.

A few weeks ago, on the Best of Both Worlds podcast, Laura and her co-host Sarah Hart-Unger were talking about the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on working women in particular and said that it would be great if they could talk to someone who had been through this. On the spur of the moment I decided to email Laura, who I had been in touch with before and offer to come on the show, as I felt that I had learnt so much from them I would love to give something back. They accepted, and the rest is … history.

Lovely Lego storage

I did so much thinking for the show and so I thought it would be good to share the list that I made here, as for obvious reasons the podcast only covers some of this. Volunteering for the podcast really tapped into some of my feelings of insecurity and my imposter syndrome so I was pretty nervous before I did the podcast. BUT I am SO glad that I did. I have had some lovely feedback and I’m happy to have been able to share some experiences that resonated with others. It also enabled me to reflect on my working experiences over the past few weeks, which is in this post. It reminded me of Brene Brown’s words about courage and that some of the hardest things are often the best. Doing the podcast has given me confidence and inspired me to do face some other challenging situations, as in hindsight this was so much fun I do not know what I was worried about! Its also inspired me to talk to a colleague and friend about starting our own podcast so watch this space. My highlight was being called a “Lego goddess” for the Lego storage we use in our house. It doesn’t get better than that – so here is a very cheerful lovely picture of our coloured sorted Lego.

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