Friday round-up: 16th October

The week started with Mike’s birthday which ended up not quite being the celebration we had hoped due to a rather unfortunate blockage in our drains. Suffice to say that although we hadn’t planned much for Mike’s actual day, dealing with a load of s**t was not really in the plan. That said we managed to have a good brunch before drain discovery and Sylvia and I made a coffee and walnut cake. Mike and I also managed to escape for a longer walk with the dog and lunch out during the week so not all bad. Just yuk!

Birthday boy!

My Mum came to visit too as we are her support bubble which was good. I do worry about the mental health of older people on their own particularly with the government announcing the new tier system and both London and York moving into tier 2. Feels inevitable that we will move to tier 3 at some point and trying to keep up with the new rules for all is challenging. Think that has put paid to us going anywhere for half term and have decided to plan some London based days out. Have also asked Mum to promise that she will come back if things get too much.

Cake in new cafe

Weekends are pretty chilled at the moment, drain incidents aside. The children are so tired they want to stay at home really and usually end up playing some involved games. Mike and I have got into a routine of doing a couple of runs/fitness classes both online and in person. I do enjoy that but does leave me a bit tired! Isaac and I had Mummy time which involved going to the new library and trying out their cafe – hence the cake nearly as big as face! Its good to get some 121 time and am trying to support local businesses as it must be really hard at the moment with the changing restrictions. We also managed to get out for breakfast on Friday as Sylvia had an inset day and we could just about sit outside, lets hope that continues!

Had some good time this week to think about professional development and try to plan my goals post Covid. Had a bit of break through with some ideas which is positive. Also found myself moving between online meetings in a way which would not have been possible in face to face times. Think this is a good thing that I could attend two very different meetings that would have been held in very different places although it does place a different mental load and I was so tired afterwards. Tiredness seems to be a theme at the moment and sadly this seems to be exhibiting itself in some difficult meetings. I think this is a result of pressure and uncertainty. Trying to do my best to be an ally and support people as well as showing compassion.

The week ended with another Yoga with Adriene livestream on Friday which was rather lovely even though I was shattered, it was a gentle practice and very restorative, as well as a get together with some friends which was also much needed. With the change to autumn, which was the theme of our team meeting, I’ve been trying to take time for short walks and make the most of working at home to get in some restorative activities each day. I listened to Laura Vanderkam’s The New Corner Office podcast where one episode talks about having three breaks in your day; one for physical, one social and one spiritual. Quite like this as the spiritual one does not need to be religious just something to soothe your soul. Will try this out as I go through October.

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