Friday round-up: 19th June

Second Friday round-up, second time late, oh well, it is nearly Friday again so I might do better next week!

There’s probably a metaphor about climbing trees here….

This week was about play as I was preparing for my playful learning session which gave me the opportunity to think about play in work and how to bring more of it into our current working environment. One to think about, as all the online meetings can get a bit dry…..

I also reminded myself, again, of the importance of keeping on with CPD at this crazily busy time by listening to the Best of Both Worlds podcast that I was on, well not necessarily CPD as such but it reminded me to take some time out and reflect, as well as getting some lovely feedback and then ending the week participating in an online session for the Heads of Educational Development which I really needed after some quite challenging work situations this week.

It was also a week of frustrations in terms of not getting everything done that I wanted too – over ambitious I think and other things just coming in, not my lack of focus. I worked two full days through on Wednesday and Thursday, in addition to split shifts Monday, Tuesday and Friday so did a 40 hour week or so. Really do need to start reinforcing some boundaries (I am 80% FTE) – I have Fridays off from next week so it will get better.

13 weeks into the pandemic/lockdown/partial lockdown I think the rhythm of the days are calmer. We spent a lot of time in the forest, either with friends or with family and I even took a forest walk meeting to decompress which was lovely. Sunshine after the rain in the forest.

I also finally printed our summer fun list – both lockdown and non-lockdown possible. This made me super happy as I feel like we have some plans. We start family freewheeling fridays next week, yay, for family bike rides. Of course it is going to rain but……This will help with boundaries. And I am super excited about yoga and the summer solstice as well as international yoga day.

Oh and I might have ordered a bamboo jumpsuit from BAM which arrived this week and is super comfy and I love it! It is now my new work “uniform” 😀

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