Friday round-up: 24th July

Sylvia and Mum

Attempting to catch-up. This week was a gruelling long week of many meetings, some very challenging, some very intense. I was exhausted by Tuesday night and still had a long week to go. Mum went back home and took Sylvia with her so I had a night with just Mariela and Antonia whilst Mike dropped them off. We snuggled up in bed watching Madagascar which was fun although I did do some work (and the Ocado shop!).

Snack boxes – its not all chocolate!

Trying a new tactic with the children now we are technically into the summer holidays – end of week 1! So to attempt to quell the endless “I’m hungry” and “I’m bored” I said they could all order a range of snacks (with some limits and requirements to include fruit and veg) and make their own snack boxes. Ok so most of the food had disappeared by about Tuesday but it has resulted in less “I’n hungry” but probably not “I’m bored”. Hmm that is one to work on, maybe craft boxes to do the same….

This week I was reminded very much of the power of simplicity and think this warrants a blog of its own which I will do, as well as one on play.

Fluff City

Despite Mike being away we still managed to get out for a quick Freewheel Friday. We only went into the forest, to the swing and up the slope but it was lovely watching butterflies and visiting “fluff city”. The other big excitement this week has been the cat which has adopted us and now has to be visited every day – who needs expensive toys?!

The cat that adopted us!

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