Friday round up: 26th June

Hurrah! The pandemic planning lethargy is over! A couple of weeks ago I decided that despite the uncertainty and lack of ability to go to many places, we did actually need some plans as a family and we could actually do that, so I created a summer fun list (although Mike said it needs a rebrand!) and we agreed to take Fridays off from now to the end of July to do a family bike ride – renamed “Freewheel Fridays”! And we did our first one. If we never manage to do anymore or we never get anywhere else then I will feel that we have achieved this and be satisfied. We went to a local late, Antonia on her balance bike all the way there, and had ice creams in the sun whilst watching baby coots and moorhens, a swan family and other wildlife. Absolute bliss. No-one really argued, everyone seemed to enjoy getting out of the house, everyone managed to cycle – even Antonia – most of the way, and we all came back tired, dirty and happy. Brilliant. And we even managed a chilled out more morning beforehand. Here’s to more Fridays.

Other things this week, became more worried about Mum being on her own so hatched a plan to bring her back here for a bit. Its been nearly 14 weeks now so I really think it is time. Also managed to do some great Paul Klee inspired art with the kids to their school art competition and a local mural. Although I need to finish mine and Isaac is yet to be persuaded. The “bribe” soft toys arrived from ZSL – the sloth was Mariela’s prize for not declaring she was bored for one whole day, and of course everyone else got one too! We managed to get new trainers for Mariela, this feels like an achievement in our lovely local shop, Mother’s Hub, it felt a bit like normality going out. And I was grateful again for our wonderful nanny who has started a puppet show and puppet making with the kids.

In the world of work, timetabling and what to do still dominates as well as uncertainty about what the university will look like next year. I’m in peak teaching and marking season so there was a lot of moderating to be done as well as running a session for my module. It was feedback on the coffee and papers session on change management but it worked really well online so I will do it again. Still need to work more on the balance of working hours versus other things but at least did more professional development time this week which was good including writing a short piece for the Centre for Distance Education. Taking Friday off helped too.

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