Friday round-up: 31st July

Got a bit behind on blogging and being an upholder type (I think, not that I have read on the book, it is on the list), I feel the need to go back and create blogs for these “missing weeks” rather than just let them go. Hey ho.

Evening games in the forest

The “big” excitement this week was going onto campus, which I have blogged about elsewhere. It was interesting how I felt anxious the night before, like I had to do *everything* in the house as I was not going to be there the next day. Kind of ridiculous but did make me realise how much “preparation” both physically and mentally I put into actually leaving the house to go to work. I enjoyed the commute and “me time” on the train, getting coffee and so on in a way I hadn’t expected. And I think the children found it easier to accept that I was working in the summer as I was out of the house.

Bedroom den

This week also reminded me of the power of simple things and how these can just break up the days. I have been struggling with being a home for so long and the uncertainty if we will ever be able to get away – it feels like an impossible dream to book a week away in this country, by the sea, with so many kids and somewhere relatively easy to get to. And then also feeling like I really need to get away to have a proper break. This week though we did some things differently and it actually felt like a “holiday”. One night we went up into the forest after dinner and played games in the open. There was a lot of laughter and it felt like being away. The children created a club and den in their bedroom, slept in the tent a few nights, our nanny did some cool face painting (thank you for childcare!) and on Friday, carrying on the tradition, we went on a morning bike ride over to a local park and river. We decided to go in the morning as it was super hot. It was lovely to just get up and go and treat the kids to a morning snack – ice cream! – at the tea hut. Antonia ended up riding 13km! Can’t believe a week ago she couldn’t even ride her bike. And the kids and Mike had a catch up at the cricket club later that evening.

Family bike ride and river adventure.

The week ended with this crazy double pink rainbow. I hope that this a good omen for next week when we have a week off at home.

Red rainbow. Never seen this before.

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