Friday round-up: 5th June 2020

Face masks
Beautiful face masks arrived in the post from my talented sister in law, handy as it was announced face masks will be mandatory on public transport from mid June.

So with my newly revived blog I thought it would be a good habit to get into posting regularly and Friday seems a good day to do it now that I work on Fridays. This week has been a rollercoaster in relation to work with tight deadlines to get papers to committees for planning our operation of learning and teaching in September. Mainly concerning models of delivery, thinking about how to prioritise on-campus teaching as our estate will be hugely reduced in terms of capacity and how to map module delivery activities onto contact hours. I can feel a Lego exploration of this coming on ….. It has felt pretty relentless this week and I did suffer a bit of crisis of confidence about everything probably due to being tired and having a niggly shoulder which has not helped.

The main thing I am proud of this week, other than the collaborative work on models, was taking the time to send an email message to the Directorate about black lives matter and what we could do in response to the horrendous and distressing situation in the USA. I was inspired by a colleague to do this and I am so glad I did. It has also given me a nudge to keep progressing work on our attainment project.

At home – wait everything is at home! – or should I say, family-life wise this week has been one of transition. 11 weeks into lockdown, Antonia went back to nursery 3 mornings a week. I felt very mixed about this but she seemed to enjoy it and it did change the dynamic at home. The plan was to try to engage Isaac and Mariela in a bit more home learning which had mixed success, not helped by resources being in the wrong places and starting a new book which we had to root around to find at home – lucky we had it.

Lots of Lego is happening as well as some spontaneous science – see other post – and we finished the remaining Harry Potter films, I had not seen the last few so that was good. What to watch now? This has meant that Mike and I have not watched anything together for ages. Oh and I unpicked all of the cardie I was knitting and started again, strangely satisfying. The reclaimed chair from the nursing home remains untouched, a job for the weekend. I have nearly finished the Mandibles which seems to be more uplifting than I had thought.

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