Friday roundup: 17th July

I’m only about a month in and seem to be struggling with the “habit” of writing weekly blogs, although I did blog A LOT for my SEDA portfolio so…

I could not get a picture of him standing still

Anyway, week of 17th July, a 3 day work week! We had an extra University closure day on the Monday, although I had a bit of work to do to prepare for the week but managed to get that done first thing, and then Fridays taken off again to go bike riding, which we did manage.

Building our swing

Mike managed to get the children out on Monday by persuading them into fancy dress although I am not sure how many of these outfits actually went into the forest. And then the next day we set up our own forest swing which was very exciting. There have been lots of swings popping up in the forest during lockdown but many have broken or been too high. I think ours is very inclusive as it is the right height for little people but still has a good swing for older kids. Perfect. The rest of the week was filled with visits to the swing to see if it was being used.

Freewheel Friday number 4

We got out on our (4th?) family bike ride to the local lake. Antonia didn’t come but having my Mum here meant that that was not a problem and the older kids enjoyed the freedom of being able to go faster. We even went a different route and fantasized about buying a house in the forest, Sylvia said she would love this.

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