Oh dear, I have got a bit behind on the “regular” blog posting since returning back from holiday. The “upholder” tendency wants to go back and add in all those missed weeks, but I actually think that is holding me back as there will never be the time to do that – the perfect is the enemy of the good, er good enough! So I think I should just start up blogging again.

So, those lost weeks, sorry, they were lovely and busy and lots happened but probably not that exciting. Oh well actually the most exciting thing was going on holiday and the kids started school (that might be the subject of another post). Ah writing this post has made me look back through photos from that week. It looks gloriously relaxed, sunny, happy and chilled. Which (despite the odd sibling spat) it was. I guess being at home for 20+ weeks makes you realise how delightful it is to go somewhere else. So we were all just so happy to be outside London that we all enjoyed it. And where we stayed in Norfolk was just brilliant in terms of being 5 minutes from the beach and a nature reserve. I loved the kind of post-apocalyptic nature of the mudflat beach by the Wash when the tide went out and the weird effects the tide being out had on your perspective and vision. I also loved the feeling of freedom with the big skies and amazement at the beautiful clouds of birds you could see undulating across the horizon. For a significant part of the holiday I have to admit to spending time fantasizing about running away to Norfolk with the family to set up a yoga studio and escape the madness. You could almost even forget about Covid. Well nearly.

Sylvia celebrated her 14 birthday (14?!) with a metal detector, cue lots of time on the beach finding bottle tops.

Not sure there are any deep insightful or imaginative insights from my holiday except to be reminded of how lovely living a simple life in connection with nature is. And how beautiful Britain can be. And how much I just love being by the sea.

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