March round-up

Argh this is so late but if I don’t do it then I will regret it later and I’ll give up as I’ve really enjoyed reading the other posts, plus it means I actually sort out my photos. SO,here goes…. March highlights…

Probably the most exciting that happened was that SCHOOL OPENED again! Everyone was pretty excited about this. Well for 1 day at least. Although there are aspects of remote school I will miss, everyone in the house, the crafts, hanging out with the kids more often, not having to get up in the dark and do the school run in the half light, washing, routines etc etc. I think on balance that we’ve all seen a LOT of each other over the past year and the work-family juggle was just getting rather tiring. The kids were super happy to see their friends again and it marked a step back to some kind of normality. Although school is still very limited with bubbles and mask for secondary school kids and regular covid tests for Sylvia too. The return was shortlived for two children though, as two weeks in they were sent home to self isolate for ten days which then went straight into the Easter holidays so back home for a month. ARGH.

It was World Book Day just before the return to school and the outfits here were Mad Eyed Moody, Professor Trelawney and Veruca Salt. It was great to do WBD from home as there was no concern about whether the outfits would last in school or have to get to and from school. I’d prefer it like this to be honest!

We also had some accidental meet ups with friends outdoors and much time in the forest. A tree fell down in some high winds which caused quite a lot of excitement and a fair bit of damage to a local restaurant although this might have quickened their building work to create an outside eating space.

Our chicks continue to grow rapidly although no clue yet as to their gender. And I am also still enjoying the bulbs in the house as well as actual tulips in the garden – Spring will come after this long, dark winter.

The children returning to school was the same week as my birthday which enabled me to take an “off the clock” day and Mike and I walked back from Chingford which had been a small goal of mine. It felt even more special given that the children had just returned to school. Mothering Sunday fell the same weekend too which was a bit much really, shame when all the celebrations happen at the same time! But Mike and the kids managed to spoil me.

Our firepit continues to give us good service. We celebrated the full moon with a fire and Mum’s arrival, as well as Spring equinox. I’ve been trying to support local businesses during lockdown more than ever and have been doing online workshops through a local yoga studio. I did one that fell on the Spring equinox so have made a note to celebrate each of the seasonal celebrations which occur every six weeks or so. I did also make a Spring equinox cake but the recipe had the wrong amounts so it was more like a brick lol, I made it again a few weeks later. It didn’t have any fat just lots of eggs separated and whisked. To be honest, it was ok but I am not sure I’d bother again as it was a lot of faff.

Despite the grand return to school, the kids continue to create endless and detailed Teddy Houses and other “things”. The nice thing about lockdown remote school has been Friday afternoon crafts which Mariela has loved. Our living room looks like some kind of cardboard storage but I have just decided to accept it.

Not much to report on the work front except a huge sigh of relief to have some focused time to rethink what I want to achieve this year and make up for the random, emergency mode of work since January. Getting some thinking space has been lovely! Fingers crossed for them staying in…(when we get post Easter!).

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