Monday round-up: 23rd November

Lockdown: The Return week 3, I think. Starting to lose track of time despite tracking time in various ways. Think it is more that I forget when things actually happened, on which days precisely. The week seemed to go fast though. Wednesday bake off watching seems to have become a regularly thing, which is a preferable night to Tuesday clear up the house before our cleaner comes. Tuesday night baking with Isaac and pumpkin continues – those pumpkins keep on giving – with pumpkin muffins this week which have been a big hit.

Painted rocks

Exciting things that happened this week. Lots of exciting things happened on Zoom this week – where else?! I had a lovely Zoom Moon Circle on Tuesday night which was very restful and restorative. First time we had had to do it via Zoom but it worked really well and was very calming, despite the chaos of children at bedtime happening right outside the door! Antonia had her first Zoom party with an entertainer too. Despite me having to practically drag her to the computer to watch it – she had “others things to do” apparently – she really enjoyed it. As did the other kids who ran around gathering random items for the treasure hunts etc. To be honest it was a pretty perfect party – 40 minutes, in your pjs with a nice coffee at home. Excellent!

Lambsie’s new trousers

Mariela and I made trousers for Teddy Lambsie as part of Mummy time this week. Mariela was great using my sewing machine, after the disaster of her buying her a kids one for Christmas and it not working. Sigh. At least we can use mine and her desire to get crafting for Lambsie is not abated!

I’ve been progressing some work project this week. My plans for running online LSP sessions are coming to fruition. Dates are booked in, Lego is nearly sorted and I have willing participants/guinea pigs. Also with Lego I finally managed to shoot two Lego videos that I have been planning for literally months. The quality was not great though and they took SO much time. However, I think reshooting will be faster and it was great to have these finally done. They worked really well too. More on this when I have done some more. I also made a Lego mini-me after being inspired by Twitter and can sub for me in meetings!

Me and mini-Me

I’ve also been brainstorming podcast ideas for a podcast on creating engaging learning online which needs a bit more work but is coming together. What has spurred on all these activities has been to dedicate a bit of time every day to writing, inspired by the NaNoWriMo, even though I have not been writing a novel. I have committed to try to write 500 words a day in November, which is about a script for a five minute video or podcast and this has been a great motivator. I’ve now got quite a few Lego scripts and podcast plans. Exciting! Just need to actually get them translated into final pieces and publish them.

Hiding rocks

Its the small things that once again have been fun with the children. Treats from the new local baker and walks in the forest on Monday, playing with the toilet roll delivery on Friday after school (! yes really it has got to that stage in lockdown where toilet roll is exciting), a family walk in a very crowded forest up the muddy slope and hiding rocks on Sunday.

V muddy slope, there’s a metaphor here…..

I’ve started the Grand Christmas Shopping activity too. But must not forget about the two December birthdays – this happens every year I almost forget Twin birthdays in December. And also watching the Queen’s Gambit on Netflix – exciting. Mike and I finished Roadkill on BBC although I found the end very unsatisfying, sadly.

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