Monday round-up: 26th October

Decided that doing a Friday round-up is confusing me as I keep missing out weekends and given that I seem now to always blog on a Monday that actually doing a Monday round-up would be much better, so that is what I am doing from now on!

Finding A LOT of these on my phone – very “now”

I can hardly dare write this but anyway, can’t believe that we have got through 7 weeks of school with all 4 children in school (bar one day (last Monday) when one child was off sick with a tummy bug. Unbelievable. I am hopeful although not convinced that we will get through the next 7 to Christmas saying the same, particularly as this week London moved into tier 2, which means that’s the end of indoor playdates for the children which was disappointing.

Autumn walk with Mum, Isaac and Coco

Big excitement this week though as Isaac and Mariela went on a trip to visit the Alpacas. They got super lucky with the weather which was a perfect autumn day. I was pleased that despite everything they managed to get out on school trip too. And on Friday they had to go in all dressed in red for “stand up to racism” which was a good incentive to get out of bed on the last day before half term.

Sylvanian camping

We had our first virtual parent’s evenings, which were much easier (once we had realised which number they were calling us on) and quicker than in person. Do miss seeing the teachers but on balance a 20 minute call is MUCH better than wrangling tired children into school which usually takes an hour and half.

Two lots of Mummy time then for this post due to me changing the round-up day! Both involved spending time on ebay looking at Sylvanian Families. Not completely sure this is the ideal way to spend Mummy time however it is supposed to be child led so running with it!

Very quiet around Liverpool Street

Work was full on this week although managed to get in some good dog walks to clear my head – managed to resist temptation to just keep going and made sure I took a break to walk the dog. Also got a walking trip around Liverpool Street which was good, still weird and quiet though. I like it in a way and it makes me sad too and a bit worried about the future. I guess we will get back to “normal” at some point so I should just enjoy it. Also managed to get some thinking and movement on projects – planning for teaching next year, strategic work and podcasting, as well as Lego videos. Got lots of projects on and they are exciting so hopefully will get through them by Christmas!

My leaf “art” in celebration of Autumn

Thinking of Christmas (really?!) realised that we are at least half way through Autumn and I need to embrace it! Collected 100 leaves to make a leaf colour wheel. Attempts to engage the children in this completely failed, well they collected a few leaves, but I liked it and it kept me quiet. Also managed to get some reading time in the open air in the autumn sunshine, lovely, hope the weather stays like this for half term. Need to check off a few things on the “Autumn Fun List”.

And ended the week with the start of half term going to see The Secret Garden at the cinema and a great autumn walk through the sunshine.

Forest is my solace

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