Weekends now….

Been thinking about how different our weekends are now to in the world of Before (Covid-19). Then, I would start thinking about what we would be doing during the week, there would be an assortment of things on the calendar which would involve Mike and I sitting down working out logistics. Things like the Saturday when Isaac had 3 parties on one day, or working out how to get Antonia to a party with Mike whilst I was at an art class and Isaac and Mariela had a drama rehearsal later. Having an older child helps but still there were a lot of “moving parts”. Although we didn’t go out loads there were still things that Mike and I both wanted to do and frequently we would block out time schedules for the weekend.

The Forest
Lots of jigsaws

Now …. well … the diary is pretty clear! There are Zoom calls with family and online fitness classes for Mike and I. But for the guys …. spontaneous minecraft or WhatsApp chats with friends, the odd dog walk or trip to the Forest or swing. Maybe a socially distanced walk with a friend. Its lovely. I think. Most of the time. Some things have stayed the same, we still have Saturday Rules Night, and my fitness class is now online just at the same time. But there is more slack.

Just don’t mention the state of the house

Sometimes this is great, it feels like everyone is more independent and getting on with things. This weekend the guys have immersed themselves in audiobooks and ebooks which gives them some privacy in a busy household. And Mike and I have been around, chatting to them, to each other, to Mum, and getting on with stuff – me with The Chair (more on that another time). In a way though I feel like I spend less 121 time with the children so am trying to be more mindful of that and spending quality time with at least two children each day. I think I will try to do this over the holidays. It doesn’t have to be much, playing in the bathroom with Antonia or being secret spies watching people out of the window with Mariela. Both loved such simple things.

Good food – vegan roast 🙂

I don’t think we were a hugely overscheduled family but weekends were full on. I wonder what the “new” normal will look like post Covid. I miss friends and going out but will perhaps be more intentional and be happier with simplicity in my relationships. We’ll see. At the moment 1 appointment a day seems so much. How things have changed. But I think we have learnt to just “be” around each other much more as a family and I have learnt to just “be” more with myself too. This is a good thing.

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