Weekly round-up: 14th December

Isaac and Mariela turn 9!

Oh dear, I am 3 weeks behind but have decided just to post these for completeness! And to try harder in 2021.

So finally self isolation hit us this week. On Friday eldest daughter was sent home from secondary school with 30 other kids to self isolate for two weeks. She is supposed to be working on Teams although school is due to finish on Wednesday so….

Just as well that we hadn’t planned to do much for Isaac and Mariela’s 9th birthday! Yes hurrah, they turned 9 on Saturday. It was a quiet day, but there were two cakes – Pomegranate for Mariela (made by me), Strawberry for Isaac (made by Mike). The former was significantly easier than the rather involved recipe Mike used for Isaac’s cake. There was a lot of Lego construction and a family Zoom, so 2020! And takeout pizza. And Harry Potter goodies. With many promises for birthday trips in 2021 including one to Harry Potter World.

Lockdown birthday!

In other news I have been enjoying the Wood Street Walls advent calendar for my dog walks, although moved some to night as you can see the decorations better.

Trafalgar Square – v quiet

Work has gone crazy busy as everyone tries to finish off before Christmas given that the University is closing on 18th.

And Mum arrived for the duration. We managed to get to the Artemisia exhibition at the National Gallery, which as fabulous and really interesting. Her paintings are just astounding. So happy we did that before tier 4.

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