Weekly round-up: 21st December

Christmas biscuits – now all for us

Well, we managed to get to 11th December with everyone in school but alas our luck ran out as Isaac and Mariela were then sent home to self-isolate on 14th December. So that was 3 kids at home remote schooling. I felt sad for them as they missed all the Christmas stuff in school but the school were fab and they were online an hour after being sent home. They actually loved remote school. The teacher was completely awesome and so patient with all the kids. It was quite sweet to see everyone in their Christmas jumpers and with their Christmas trees. Fortunately self isolation has now been reduced to 10 days so everyone will be out for Christmas, although with tier 4 it is not likely that we are going anywhere!

Remote school

We had made a load of Christmas biscuits and treats for the teachers and various other people but decided that given the children were potentially infectious that giving these out might not be the best idea (!) so ended up being eaten ourselves. Of course, the guys being sent home coincided with a super busy week for Mike and I, and we are back to the tag-teaming work/parenting routine. Sigh. This too shall pass, although it is taking a very long time!!

LSP online

In work news, I ran my first LSP session online which worked pretty well. I was really pleased with it and learnt a lot. I will blog about this session and the next one I have planned. It was quicker than in person and the feedback was good although the participants hadn’t experienced in person LSP so will be interesting to see how that goes. I really enjoyed it and it was great to be building in a constructive way again.

Semi-organised chaos

Our house is now full of cardboard boxes that are teddy houses. I think this will be the same for the entirety of the Christmas holidays!

Still carrying on with the lovely lighted windows, that is definitely cheering up my December.

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