Weekly round-up: 28th December/4th Jan

I’ve decided to group these two weeks together because frankly not much happened for two weeks whilst we were off and in tier 4. Ok that is a slight exaggeration and rather downbeat, let me rephrase as a list, this is what happened…

Pretty much sums it up!
  • We celebrated Christmas yay
  • We celebrated New Year
  • I went to fab Yin Reflection Yoga workshop online run by Vanessa Joy at East of Eden
  • We went for forest walks
  • I did a major clearout
  • We all stayed healthy (for now)
  • We looked a Christmas lights in our neighbourhood
  • We had a family walk to mark the new year
  • We created a new reflection/intention setting tradition around our fire pit
  • We decorated the house for Christmas
  • Mike and I went on a cheese buying date!
  • We watched the sunset
  • And the moonrise
  • We laughed, fought and generally loved each other
  • We played, a lot, and read and listen to audiobooks
  • We did jigsaws
  • We recreated book covers
  • We learnt how to play Chess (inspired by the Queen’s Gambit)
  • We started the January challenge
  • I started YWA Breath programme
  • We took deep breaths and hoped to remain healthy, happy and for new happenings in 2021.

That feels a bit more positive! I might reflect on 2020 on the blog, although I may not. Will see how I feel I have done a lot of personal reflection but a blog on intentions might be good.

So what I did a learn over this two week period….

  • That Christmas is a major project and I shouldn’t plan to do anything else in December especially with all the birthdays too
  • Even simple goals can change – I had three things I wanted to do – go to Waterstones, drink mulled wine from Parish Wines, go to a carol service but then tier 4 so…. no can do but …. next year
  • Forest walks are good and good for my soul
  • Simple things work well – eg cake and hot chocolate after a forest walk and quiz – I knew this but…
  • Lockdown in winter is tough
  • Without time pressure you can forget to the little things, there were lots of Christmas traditions we forgot (mince pies for Santa oops, sorry Santa!)
  • I really need to hibernate at this time of year and that going with the flow, taking the pause around the Winter solstice is really important
  • I like the Creative Challenge 🙂
Forest walks

And now, we face remote schooling for the next two weeks at least, although there is an announcement tonight so maybe more….. I’m trying to be positive and also to sit with the discomfort – that is my new year’s intention, to not brush aside the negative feelings but accept and pause. It will be tough. We all want things to be differently, but we will get through it. Not sure I can do another poem a day but maybe will try something! If you haven’t heard of the January Challenge, I would thoroughly recommend it, has kept me positive in past years when I find January tough so I am looking forward to this month.

Happy new year!

Winter sunset

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