Weekly round-up: 30th November

A bit late this one due to various things, work mainly. Its been one of those deceptive weeks where you think that you have time then discover that some things take a lot longer than you had anticipated. Such is life.

Not a particularly momentos week all things considered. Lockdown continues, albeit drawing to an end, which meant that most activities this weekend happened indoors. And the weather has got colder and greyer. Antonia and I snuggled in bed watching David Attenborough and Hey Duggee for Mummy Time. Have to admit I do love the Hey Duggee tune. Sylvia made a fab minestrone soup as part of her homework, now trying to convince her that she should take on the cooking one night per week.

Sylvia’s masterpiece

I had my first online Zoom meeting for my Directorship of GET. Was interesting to participate in an online Zoom call for something formal but not work related. Am excited about being part of this work and hopefully meeting everyone in person at some point!

Continued the Lockdown poems, focus of this week was female poets which was fun and made me discover some poets I had not read or forgotten about. To be honest, some days it was a struggle to find a poem but I was always glad I did it in the end. Also started a bit of a series on “ideas for…” so far got away days and online meetings so maybe a series is a bit of an exaggeration.

I’ve been avoiding the Forest for dog walks as it is now super muddy and then involves much bathing of reluctant dog afterwards, which isn’t much fun for anyone!

Teddy’s getting ready for bake-off

Traditions of baking on a Tuesday and Bake Off on a Wednesday continued. Isaac and I made a fab pomegranate cake. I love this recipe, its an old favourite and a bit of a treat.

It felt like the Covid net was closing in this week as 2/3 classes in Isaac and Mariela’s year were sent home and some other classes too. Fortunately the children have all remained in school though so we’ll see. Am not holding my breath….

Workwise, lots of things happening. Progressing our approach to digital education, bit earlier than planned, but good to get some thinking progressing on this. And interest from elsewhere. Have stalled a bit on some projects, mainly due to technical reasons, but continuing writing has really helped. The focus on writing regularly has been very positive actually and I am amazed at how much I have managed to write. Think I will meet my target of averaging 500 words a day during November.

A lovely sunset just because

Started to get The Fear about impending birthdays and Christmas so spent considerable this weekend on ebay bidding on various things. I think I might have accidentally bought too many Sylvannians (oops) and searching out ideas for presents. Also did a big audit of what I already had which was good and managed to at least progress birthdays so feel more relaxed now. Shops open again next week although I think I will carry on shopping online, so much easier!

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