Learning and Teaching Exchange Introduction

Here is the introduction for Learning and Teaching Exchange that I did for Develop@City. I’m posting this because in writing it I was really struck about how important collaboration has been throughout this period and how it will be over the next few months. I felt very passionate about what we are trying to do in supporting staff wanted to remember the spirit of these words. And ironically after going to a sense on coping with caring responsibilities I gave the session with Antonia on my knee!

One of my favourite collaboration Lego images!

Thank you to David for that introduction and thank you to Organisational Development, LEaD and everyone for coming along on this summer Friday afternoon, presenters and participants. We really appreciate it.

Working collaboratively is HUGELY important for meeting the challenges we are all facing.  I have been reminded of this so much over the past few months – generating opportunities for conversations to share ideas, stimulate creativity, being open about our fears, hopes, challenges and dreams. This afternoon represents one such collaborative opportunity

The Good practice Learning and Teaching principles were formed from such a collaborative discussion. They represent a step up from the Spring emergency teaching mode.

The situation we are in offers opportunities for inclusivity – such as accelerating the introduction of the inclusive practice curriculum development framework – where we are flexible to acknowledge our students needs and conscious of how to design learning opportunities to meet these.  The principles a/c the practical nature of our programmes enabling us to determine what is achievable for our students. And they remind us that learning is a conversation.

On that note, I will finish off to just say that in our all efforts preparing and delivering learning and teaching in the autumn we need to remember the perfect is the enemy of the good. By this I mean I urge you to aim for authenticity in your approach and teaching which is engaging and inspiring for students. I hope you get some good ideas this afternoon to inspire and support you and I hope you enjoy your afternoon.

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