Lockdown II: Poems

Inspired by a Thought for the Day on Radio 4 on Monday 2nd November, I thought that for each day in lockdown I would read on a particular poem. So here are my choices as we go through lockdown: II: the return in the UK!

The day before: November 4th: For the Interim Time, John O’Donogue, from To Bless the Space Between Us

Lockdown day 1: November 5: Still I Rise, Maya Angelou, from And Still I Rise
Lockdown day 2: November 6: To Autumn, John Keats
Lockdown day 3: November 7: Before the Birth of one of her Children, Anne Bradstreet
Lockdown day 4: November 8: This Be the Verse, by Phillip Larkin
Lockdown day 5: November 9: The Flea, John Donne
Lockdown day 6: November 10: Three Desk Objects, Margaret Atwood
Lockdown day 7: November 11: Dulce et Decorum Est, Wilfred Owen
Lockdown day 8: November 12: ‘A poet I am neither born, nor bred’, Margaret Cavendish
Lockdown day 9: November 13: The Way We Live, Vicki Feaver
Lockdown day 10: November 14: Sea Fever, John Masefield
Lockdown day 11: November 15: Fall Song, Mary Oliver
Lockdown day 12: November 16: Song, Love Arm’d, Aphra Behn
Lockdown day 13: November 17: The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost
Lockdown day 14: November 18: Prayer, Carol Ann Duffy
Lockdown day 15: November 19: The Sorrow of Love, W.B.Yeats
Lockdown day 16: November 20: Love Without Hope, Robert Graves
Lockdown day 17: November 21: Saturday Silly
Lockdown day 18: November 22: The Guest House, Jalaluddin Rumi
Lockdown day 19: November 23: Morning Song, Sylvia Plath
Lockdown day 20: November 24: The Ball is for Throwing, Adrienne Rich
Lockdown day 21: November 25: Address to a Child on a Boisterous Winter Evening, Dorothy Wordsworth
Lockdown day 22: November 26: The World We Want is Us, Alice Walker
Lockdown day 23: November 27: “Hope” is the thing with feathers, Emily Dickinson
Lockdown day 24: November 28: The Orange, Wendy Cope
Lockdown day 25: November 29: When I was Fair and Young, Queen Elizabeth I
Lockdown day 26: November 30: The Tyger, William Blake
Lockdown day 27: December 1: Silver, Walter de la Mare