My lockdown 3 poem

Bit of self-indulgence this week as I meant to post this earlier and forgot as I was feeling a bit under the weather. Back in January, I did the 64 Million Artists Creative Challenge and one day was tasked to right a poem. So, I did a lockdown 3 vent. Recorded here now for posterity 😉 Seems appropriate as now schools are going back on March 8th which can’t come soon enough – we are all bored of each other it is fair to say. Yes, it will bring its own set of challenges and they will be different, which can only be a good thing at the moment!

My Creative Challenge vent for Lockdown 3

I’m here making a viking ship
The house is a total tip
Yesterday it was a wolf trap
Tomorrow it will be a piece of c**p.

Thanks Boris for this
Are you taking the p***?
Lockdown 3?!
You’ve got to be kidding me.

It’ll be over by Christmas, you said,
I wish I’d stayed in bed
For most of 2020
And ’21 is already giving plenty.

Yes, we will get through this
Although “schooling” will be hit and miss
Maybe in the future we’ll look back and smile
At the viking ship in the projects pile.

Or maybe we’ll just be super happy
That life is less c****y
So for now I will take a pause
To say “good luck” to you and yours.

And then open the wine…..

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