Saturday silly

So a bit of a silly poem for Saturday, we all need a bit of light relief. When I told a friend at work that I was putting a poem on my blog each day during Lockdown: The Return, she sent me this. Apparently she knows it by heart which is pretty impressive. I know very little about it, and weirdly there seems very little about it on the internet either. Anyway, it made me smile and that is always good 🙂

This is the tale of Betty Box
Who loved to stuff herself with chocs
She ate them all day long at school
Although it was against the rules.
Each day when she got home to Mum
Her mother said “your poor old tum
It must be empty, come and eat”
And piled her plate with veg and meat
Poor Betty full of chocs you see
Could not eat a single pea
I just can’t eat it Mum, she said
I think perhaps I’ll go to bed
This went on for quite some time
Till one day Mrs Box said
“I’m beginning to wonder what’s the matter,
Our Betty’s getting fatter and fatter”
She said to Betty “You should be thinner
You never seem to eat your dinner”
Then one day stuffed of milk and plain
Poor Betty had an awful pain
Her big fat tum was overloaded
And with a bang, she just exploded
So if you’re fond of sweets and chocs
Just remember Betty Box.

Thanks to Susannah M for this lovely addition!

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