Conference takeaways

Ah a bit late but at least have had time to reflect!

So things to do and takeaway…..

  1. Write up and publish paper with Pam (August 2010)
  2. Evaluation of impact of PG Certs ie MAAP – suggest to the team (August 2010). Actually have already done this in a conversation with Neal
  3. Encourage more of team to explore new tools/techniques and technologies for education so that we can model the way (August 2010)
  4. Run a workshop – with others in the team – on web 2.0 t00ls and teaching (by December 2010)
  5. Read the International Journal of Learning (September 2010)
  6. Encourage creativity – within the team and at City, encourage us to think about how we could do things differently (all the time!)
  7. Explore idea of digital notebooks – could we do this with MAAP (by December 2010)
  8. Don’t rely on conferences as time to sort out rest of working life! Need to get working life sorted – have started this as am now to do list not inbox lead 🙂 (will be ongoing forever and ever and ever and ….)

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