Technology Wasn’t Invented by Generation Y

Kerry Maree Lee, School for Science, Mathematics and Technology Education Faculty of Education, University of Auckland, Judy Kalopa, Auckland, New Zealand

New Zealand has a large Pacific Island population which is growing rapidly.  Have a new School curriculum that has to be delivered for everybody and includes compulsory technology element of all children between ages of 5-14. So after a technology literate child and have to develop resources that encompass that diverse population. The curriculum includes practice, knowledge, and nature of technology. Want children to think about the impact of their use of technology and prepare them for an unknown world. Nature of technology is the societal stands –think about impact of their actions and decisions so think about how we affect technology and how it affects us.

This paper focuses on characteristics of technological outcomes from nature of technology part of curriculum. How can technology impact on the natural world? eg how does a boat impact on the environment as traditional means of transport change with technology – a motorised boat has advantages and disadvantages. Try to get children to see both positive and negative outcomes of technology.

Debate about whether crafts are technology or not.

Technology is not all about computers and ipods it can be about traditional crafts. By looking at traditional items both generation x and generation y can apply vital technological knowledge to prepare them for future generations. Technology defend in the curriculum as  ‘purposeful intervention by design’.

[There were some connections with issues about diversity and traditional crafts that are indigenous but the teacher populate who are from a European cultural background are not always aware of but this was not really explored in any depth.]

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