Twitter Digest for 2010-03-09

  • Just seen city on newsnight. We getting some good press at moment although they could have chosen nicer rooms to do the filming in #
  • 20 emails sent today, not including personal ones – but why am still thinking about it at 12.30am? #
  • today I am mostly in meetings – ha, no time to send any email 🙂 #
  • feel energy sapped need to leave #
  • Trying to decide what to take to wear for #ucisa2010 #
  • Whoops is # ucisa10 and there is an iPhone app too #
  • 18 emails sent today, 70 received #
  • any helfers @HallyMk1 would like next helf event to be black tie (optional) – so feel free to don your tux or lbd for Wednesday 🙂 #
  • Why are London cyclists so rude? I used to cycle in London + never thought it was acceptable to ride at someone who was crossing the road #
  • arrived at #ucisa10 my hotel bathroom is bigger than my bedroom! #
  • Eeeek need to go over presentation and stupid laptop playing up 🙁 #
  • Phew laptop sorted thx to impromptu remote desktop support from @un_shift #
  • Think the IT gods are conspiring against me can't get pres to load now how ironic for #ucisa10 #
  • Well thus far I can report that ruby wax has an iPhone, eats steamed? Veg and fruit but seems to drink White wine #ucisa10 #
  • Up early to prep presentation #ucisa10 #
  • Waiting for first presentation ajay from anglia Ruskin + our very own CIO @aabboud quite nervous now as lots people + big rm #ucisa10 #
  • Nice looking slides ajay + @aabboud gd point that twitter feed enables you to catch up #ucisa10 #
  • Benefits of tech implementation so imp so can realise potential miracles don't happen! #ucisa10 #
  • On way back from #ucisa10 fingers crossed that trains sort themselves out #
  • Home from #ucisa10 knackered but enjoyed it thanks for all the tweets re presentation too #
  • Think I have a borderline unhealthy obsession with food network especially iron chef america and chopped #
  • Finally ballet breakthrough! no tears, no clinging almost excited to go in and smiling. Hurrah! Must be the springtime feeling 🙂 #
  • Strangely pleased that s is the only princess at the princess party not in pink #
  • Jarvis cocker spotted in corams fields only the cool celeb parents come here #
  • Mike to sylvia 'well I am not perfect', sylvia 'no but mummy is'. Have not been coaching her honest. #
  • 10 little blisters on her upper body …. That'll be s with chicken pox then 🙁 sorry to all those parents + children we saw yesterday #
  • oh the elusive 5 minutes peace…. #
  • RT @Dcotton11RT @kevupnorth: So, this form of teaching will benefit our kids will it? Good luck with that, then. #
  • Must remind self that mother is here to help which is v kind of her and so must not get irritated. Deep breaths and count to ten 1, 2, 3 … #

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