Twitter Digest for 2010-03-15

  • Oh dear waiting at paddington for train to Bristol for #helf but is delayed – many unintelligible annoucements being made #
  • So much for the mobile office, flaky Internet connections + crashing outlook + silly iPhone typepad leave me v frustrated #
  • learning about ITIL #helf #
  • Malcolm Murray #helf itil about culture change. Think everything is fundamentally about cultural change #
  • Now hearing about benefits management from our own Richard bell from City #helf #
  • Should we have an itil type sla in place for moodle/sle? #helf #
  • Am thinking (again) that we need to be much more public and/or articulate about our approach to our strategic learning environment rollout #
  • Aaaah inside john lewis 🙂 #
  • Yuk horrid anxiety dreams about change then oversleppt #
  • Listening to presentation on how hefce funds univs. My head just popped #
  • interesting discussions on technology design and adoption at ensemble project meeting @MadProf here too #
  • Oooo just been invited to the university's presidents dinner #
  • Having my brain unpicked #
  • Is social media a peculiarly female phenomenon as it is uncontrolled + unhierarchical? euan semple @womenintech soc media event #
  • Hurrah birthday lie in, breakfast in bed, cards and pressies 🙂 #
  • Best mother comment of the day so far 'well I'm responsible for all this' – almost admire the way that even my birthday becomes about her #
  • Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. Had a lovely day and v much enjoying 3 day weekend 🙂 #
  • Sad realisation whilst trying on dresses for presidents dinner that seeing gym membership as charitable donation not enough must get toned #

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