November 12th


Ah Friday! The end of the week. The promise of the weekend beckons. Yay. These are all good things. Fridays should be days of celebration. Or at least a feeling that you close the week on a positive note.

All this is indeed true, however I think I have got myself into a rather problematic routine of trying to do ALL the things on a Friday. Which means it is now 5.20, I am still messing about with “tasks” and supposed to be getting into posh frock to go to a “do” in er well like now. I’ve just been reminded that I have 30 minutes to get ready.

So this better be short!

I used to schedule Fridays to do thinking work and other developmental things. But found that that is actually a really bad idea as so much comes up in the week that you often can’t focus on things on a Friday. So now I schedule those things earlier in the week. I did find that Mondays were actually great days to do this as you could plan on a Friday and then start Monday afresh. I also plan on a Friday following Laura Vanderkam’s principle and find this hugely helpful.

The problem is that I think ambitiously plan to clear the inbox on a Friday afternoon and get all panicky when it takes longer than I think. This is all my own doing so I really need to think about how to address this and set some more boundaries here. This is also a problem on those Fridays that are not clear of meetings. I think I need to reduce my expectations too of what a “clear” inbox actually looks like. Hmm one to ponder.

On that note I better go and find my posh frock etc!

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