November 1st

Its a new month! My “to do” list for this month will include, as it has done all year “blog regularly”. I have done this with mixed success. I did get into quite a good pattern of blogging roughly weekly when I set the themes in advance. Then things just got super busy since September and my blogging has slipped a bit. However, new month, new intentions and two other motivations… 1. I am speaking at a session tomorrow on blogging so I need to remind myself why I do it and do some more and 2. Its Nanowrimo (national novel writing month). Now although I do not intend to write a novel via my blog this month (although that would be an idea!), I thought that having a writing focus for November might be fun. Last year I did toy with writing a novel but in the end did not manage to commit to anything like the 1.5k -2k words per day, however, I did try to write every single day, on something and realised I clocked up 23,434 words over the month -and not including any email! I had a target of 500 words a day last year and well exceeded that. So my challenge this year is to blog every day. I’m not sure I am going to set a target in terms of words as that might wear a bit thin and some blog days may well be shorter than others. Last year, I ended up blogging every day during November as we went into another lockdown and I posted a poem per day.

Nanowrimo log 2020

Why do I want to blog every day in November:

  1. It will help me focus on writing again which is something I enjoy doing
  2. It will help kick start my blog which I would like to do
  3. It will help me share some ideas and possibly even get some feedback
  4. Writing helps me reach solutions, analyse my problems and generally just get stuff out of my head which I find helpful
  5. It might be fun – hmm its got not to be a chore, not sure how this will work out but we’ll see
  6. It should help me blog on some subjects I have wanted to do for ages
  7. I love a good challenge (honestly, its a bit nuts as I have a lot on but…..)
  8. It will focus my energies on this and not scrolling through email or fretting on other things pointlessly!
  9. Focusing on this should help me keep focus on other things – I feel a bit like I need to retrain my “focus” muscle
  10. Trying to think of my 10th thing… I just want to see what it would be like to blog every day.

So, that is my version of the Nanowrimo challenge. We’ll see how we go. This might last one week or one day or one month…..This blog has taken me pretty much to 500 words so that is not bad for day 1 (even though I might have been spinning it out a bit in parts, possibly!).

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