November 8th

A “normal” day.

I cheated a bit with the blogs over the weekend as I used them as an opportunity to catch up on my monthly photo blogs which I have been hitherto weeks behind on. So that is one win for this “blogging every day in November” challenge, it has helped focus my mind on catching up with my blog.

The weekend was relaxed and busy (is that possible?). I finally managed to get to the cinema to see the James Bond film. We had fireworks and sparklers and a firepit on Saturday night, then most of us managed to get out for an Autumn walk on Sunday. As well as various exercise sessions, trips to the shops and general weekend-like activities. Going out with a bang after two weeks of juggling work-holidays-kids etc.

So today, with all the kids back at school, me back on campus, Mum going home, Mike working at home, felt like a return to normal. I did have a slightly nostalgic sigh after my alarm had gone off at 6am that I needed to get up and actually do stuff on more of a schedule. But, once out of the door into the beautiful autumn sunshine and on the train.

There isn’t really “normal” though. I had meetings for a lot of the day which is normal, but each of those was different and brought different ideas and perspectives. Then my tube got stuck on the way home so I had to sprint through the City to catch my train which isn’t normal, 3 of the kids were exhausted after being back at school, maybe that is normal, the Teenager had a chemistry test. This week feels far from normal as I have something on every evening including going away for a night and being out to a posh do on Friday night. Yikes. I cannot remember when this last happened – definitely not in the last 18 months. I feel tired just thinking about it and think that I will be spending the weekend in a darkened room.

And so on that note, I’m going to bed! 8 blogs in 🙂

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