What happened to blogging?

At the beginning of November I committed to blogging daily as part of NaNoWriMo as a way of trying to get myself back in the blogging habit and doing some daily writing. I managed to get to about day 16 or so, not bad, but then I became ridiculously grumpy and blogging just wasn’t doing it for me. It became like another chore and not something enjoyable. I also felt like it was pointless and that I was just wittering away on my blog without really anything meaningful to say – I have a half written post on attending parents’ evening that literally tipped me over the edge. At first I felt guilty and then I decided to cut myself so slack and just accept that the blogging was not working for me. What did I learn through half a month of daily blogging?! Here are a few reflections….

  1. Its hard! It is also enjoyable but also frustrating to think of new things to blog every day without becoming super inane
  2. November is an insanely busy month. This was part of the problem that I stopped blogging as I was blogging on the soft at 11pm when I should have been in bed and was just exhausted. I also had a number of evening engagements and so that meant I got “behind”
  3. On the plus side I did quite like the regularity of blogging and was surprised at the things I wanted to blog about
  4. I also managed to get some old blogs that I had wanted to post out of the way which was refreshing
  5. Would I do it again? Maybe. In fact now I feel inspired to – such an optimist! I think I would need to try to think through a few topics relating to things I was doing or have a theme – when I blogged a poem a day it was easier.
  6. Or maybe plan to write at a particular time.
  7. All in all I think this has encouraged me to think through my blog for 2022 and a few things I want to post about and put in my regular blogging slot
  8. So whilst I might not have reached nirvana of blogging every day, I did enjoy it, mostly! And it has inspired me to start blogging again – despite hiding from the blog for other a month
  9. Happy christmas!!

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