2021 goal review

It is not quite halfway through January yet so I reckon this is still “ok” and as I keep telling myself all these goals and things I sign up to are self motivated so if I don’t do things quite to my own timescale, well that is ok. My word for the year is “space” and I think that should include giving myself the space to cut myself some slack!

Last year I actually printed out my goals and put them up by my desk at home so I could review them regularly – tip from Laura Vanderkam who frequently inspires me in terms of planning and intention setting. There were four categories of goals/intentions – career, self, relationships and home (not in any order). So how did I do…


My personal goals were initially set around doing some specific yoga practices and having a self practice monthly, but quite early on in the year I decided that I didn’t want goals around my yoga practice as it is enough in itself. So I ditched that and committed to continuing yoga every day and then in June I did a meditation course so I have added in a meditation practice daily too. I also did a mindfulness in HE programme early in the year which was amazing. 1000 days of yoga will hit around end of April this year. I also had a goal to have an “off the clock” day roughly quarterly (thanks Laura Vanderkam again for this idea) which I pretty much did. One in March on my birthday with Mike which was a lovely walk and lunch (it was lockdown and low expectations but the kids had just gone back to school after 4 months so bliss!), half a day in May at Waterstones spending my book token for my birthday and meeting a friend, then a day at the end of November with Mike planning for Christmas/birthdays, walk and pub lunch. So not quite once a quarter – there might have been something in the summer but nothing springs to mind but new job did demand a lot of time then.

A major focus was self care particularly in relation to fitness and I got much fitter in 2021 – helped by lockdown and online exercise.

My other major goal in this category was to read 30 books and I read 50 including roughly 15 non fiction which was great and has had a really positive impact on lots of things. Doing the coaching programme really helped focus my reading.

One intention I had was to start the flute again but I just didn’t feel like it! Wondered about doing it this year but think I will just leave it for now.


My career goals were in some ways hugely exceeded by landing the VP role which I could not have imagined at the beginning of 2021 so those that were articulated then seem a little more mundane! I wanted to do more on playful practices which I did in terms of running Lego Serious Play sessions both online and in person but did not start the research, one for 2022.

I had an objective around my career plan but see above… new role! I did get to speak about leadership at UCL and reflect on what my “ideal week” would be although this might need revisiting with new role/post Covid. I also did finish recording my podcast on engaging learning which I now “just” need to publish and I did one video with Lego, but that needs rethinking.

My blogging was a bit more sporadic than I would like and I kind of did Nanowrimo, ok well I started it. This is definitely something to think about how to include in 2022.

Overall I’m pretty amazed with how I’ve progressed in my career this year which was very much unanticipated but has been really rewarding.


I wanted to commit to regular walks with one of my friends which is definitely did as well as some more intentional time with Mike, which happened. Covid stuff put a stop to some plans here around discovering new places in London and monthly exhibitions. I also thought about a screen-free day but er lockdowns etc and then it just didn’t seem so important anymore.

I did restart “Mummy Time” with the kids on weekends in the autumn and we carried on with regular “fun” lists for the summer/christmas etc.


Well the major plan was to start on the living room – and we did start on it albeit over the Christmas period at the end of the year. Also to put more into savings which has happened and do something with my photos. Photo blogs helped here but I would like to sort back through all the photos. Or would I? Maybe I would just like to know I have sorted them. I put a lot of home stuff on the back burner after lockdown as I just wanted to enjoy being at home instead of pointlessly tidying up all the time. Perhaps that is progress in itself.

All in all I’m pretty pleased with everything that I achieved in 2021. It was a bit of a rollercoaster of a year in so many ways but having the intentions and revising them frequently really helped me focus on what I wanted to achieve, what was no longer relevant or have things to look forward to. Roll on the set for 2022 – which I should blog about I guess….Maybe by the end of January!

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