SEDA CPD Portfolio: 2021-2022

I’m short of time this year (who isn’t?!) and I was going to do a written report. Then I found my previous blogs and I thought that actually blogging about my portfolio would be fun. I’m not going to do Lego videos this year as that was so much hassle afterwards trying to send the links in for some reason, so I will do some Lego models and the use the narrative to answer the reflection points – a kind of compromise position!

My CPD report is contained in the following series of blog posts:

  1. What I did – breakdown of my objectives from 2021-2022 and whether I achieved them (826 words)
  2. Why I did it – reflections on what I have achieved and my motivations (578 words)
  3. What I have learnt – what I have learnt over the past year (546 words)
  4. How I will use my learning – how I will apply what I have learnt for the future (266 words)
  5. My future plans – what I intend to do in 2022-2023 (wow! time is flying!) (290 words)

Report total: 2321 words