SEDA CPD Report 2019-2020

My word for 2020 – quite apposite in hindsight.

It has been my ambition to do my report in a different format for the last two years and now I have finally managed to do it as I have restarted my blog – potentially a positive side of lockdown.

My CPD report is contained in the following series of blog posts:

  1. What I did – breakdown of my objectives from 2018-2019 and whether I achieved them (456 words)
  2. Why I did it – reflections on what I have achieved and my motivations (501 words)
  3. What I have learnt – what the experiences of the last few months/year have taught me – or reminded me (550 words)
  4. How I will use my learning – how I will apply what I have learnt for the future (188 words)
  5. My future plans – what I intend to do in 2020-2021, as covid-19 independent as possible! (182 words).

Report total: 2005 words.