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Top takeaways from INTED2017

Here are the main follow-ups from the conference: Student engagement and a sense of belonging can be encouraged in many ways. It needs to cross academic and support boundaries.  There is an important role for LEaD here. Reading on this from Smith and Campbell (2012) “Exploring a Middle Ground” and the work of CHEE in Ohio. […]

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Cats and blue skies: leading? education

Pam and I presented at INTED 2017 this morning on developing educational leadership. Our presentation is available on slide share . We were part of a session on leadership and management in universities. This was an interesting and lively session addressing various aspects and challenges of educational leadership.

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Viral change, analytics and design.

Moving on from my musings on social networking raising questions about the virtual spaces in which we meet students, I’ve now been to some sessions on learning analytics and learning design which have also raised interesting and semi-related topics.

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Coffee shops, Facebook and effective social networking for education

I’ve been meaning to restart blogging for aaaaaggggeeesss and as I am away at the INTED 2017  conference in Valencia this seemed like a good opportunity.  Its always good to restart with a coffee related post – especially when in Spain where the coffee is rather good.

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Overdue takeaways from SEDA conference

Hmm well I’ve been promising myself that I would post a blog on the SEDA Conference on student engagementI attended in May but it is rather old now. Perhaps it is a good test of my memory to see what I can remember from the conference and what has impacted on my practice by posting this […]

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Engaging students in educational development

At the 21st International Conference on Learning in New York in July 2014, Dr Pam Parker and myself ran a workshop on engaging students in educational development.

Reflections on learning

I’m at the 21st International Conference on Learning in New York City.  This is very exciting as its my first international conference in a long time – since at least 2011.  Its great to get out and about again so that I can find out what is happening in the sector and get some good ideas […]

The Tyranny of Choice?

There is a lot of talk, particularly from politicians about choice at the moment. And the rhetoric implies that choice is always a good thing. Sometimes, it obviously is – choice of Easter cupcake from coffee shop (lemon, chocolate, strawberry); or on a less flippant level, choice about who you vote for, where you live, […]

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Educause10: Reflections on day 3

Day three is always a short one in order to let everyone get home on a Friday pm. Amazing the travel time of US based attendees, some had spent nearly as much time in the air as I had even though they had travelled half as far. Reckon LA is easier to get to from […]

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Educause10: Reflections on day 2

Found day two a bit more difficult to find sessions at first as seemed a lot more technology focused and even the learning and teaching track sessions were around things like interoperability standards etc and the leadership track ones around infrastructure etc. Anyway I persevered and got into the session at 8am to hear more […]

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