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Reflections on day 4 and conference end

Well the conference is now over and it ended well.  I decided to theme all my posts with buddha photos, no reason other than I liked them 🙂 So some more thoughts… Interesting presentation on digital notebooks and their use in encourage creative design. Got me thinking about whether we could use these at City […]

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What Factors Influence the Development of the T&L Regime of New University Teachers?

Philip Long, Faculty of Education, Anglia Ruskin University, Chelmsford, UK Dearing report (1997) which suggested all lectures should have professional development for teaching. At Anglia Ruskin all new staff must do pg certificate . It is taught over 2 semesters and one afternoon per week. Although all staff are ‘pressed’ to do course, staff satisfaction […]

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The Digital Notebook: Notation of Digital Design Learning and Practice

Adam Sheffield, Nicholas Spratt, Graphic Design and Animation Department of Design and Visual Arts, Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand Change in practice from physical to virtual notebook. Notebooks are a way of understanding how people think and the way that they work. Notebooks are descriptive and analytical tools. Historical tradition of artists and scientists using notebooks […]

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Creating a Multi Lingual world through Learning to Collaborate in New Web Spaces

David Barton, Lancaster University and Carmen Lee, Chinese University of Hong Kong Looking at Flickr and how images and text work together. Selected 30 active Flickr users in Chinese and Spanish. Multi lingual nature of Flickr- people take pictures in one language and put comments in another. Use different languages in profiles for different purposes. […]

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Reflections on day 3

Themes and thoughts from the third day of the International Conference on Learning (number 17!) (by the way should say that any photos in the blog posts are random and not really related to the presentations): Notion of leadership and ‘modelling the way’ came up again both implicitly and explicitly in a number of presentations […]

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Is Persistence Taught or Caught?

Two Contrasting Case Studies in the Context of First Year University Teaching Dr. Helen Huntly, School of Learning and Innovation Faculty of Arts, Business, Informatics and Education, C Q University, Bundaberg, Jenny Donovan, Australia Students facing new difficulties eg working part time which prevent engagement. New curriculum based on Chickering and Gamson (1987) also used […]

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Learning in Motion! Addressing the Mobility Learning Preferences of Today’s Learners

Dr. Stephen E. Gareau, Department of Computer Information Systems Graduate Program in Educational Technology, Buffalo State College, Buffalo, USA Teach an educational technology programme. Started looking at this area because taught in the evening, students were tired and stressed, course is tough, different needs of generation y learners – all meant that needed to consider […]

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How young people learn through news

Alison Lee, Hong Kong Baptist University News gives us information, through it we gain knowledge and make value judgements. News literacy means that one can appreciate the value of news, how to interpret it and how to apply that knowledge socially. Generation Y or net generation –born after 1980, rebellious and activists. In Thailand they […]

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Reflections on International Conference on Learning: Day Two

Well, day two down, two more to go – pretty long conference this one. So some thoughts… Pretty mixed bag of presentations, presentation topics and styles. Probably due to breadth of the theme – from School to HE and also the range of cultures and countries represented Session on web2.0 usage by staff and students […]

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Specialty Discussion Notebooks

Brian Elliott Smith, School of Global Japanese Studies, Meiji University, Tokyo, Japan Terms them ‘sermon” notebooks which means ‘specialty’ in Japan. Started with lesson plan idea with simple rules for helping teach English. Students chose the topic, keep newspaper articles, things found on web etc. All they were supposed to do was come to class […]

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