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Overdue takeaways from SEDA conference

Hmm well I’ve been promising myself that I would post a blog on the SEDA ConferenceĀ on student engagementI attended in May but it is rather old now. Perhaps it is a good test of my memory to see what I can remember from the conference and what has impacted on my practice by posting this […]

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Coffee and KPIs exercise for SEDA conference

A few people have asked for details of the exercise I did at the SEDA conference around KPI and measuring, so here it is…. The exercise relates to my other post on coffee, lego and KPIs about measuring the impact of educational development initiatives. I had about 20-30mins to run this from start to finish […]

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Coffee, KPIs and lego

This post is fulfilling a number of functions: summarising a discussion at the Heads of Educational Development Group (HEDG) on Monday about the value of KPIs my notes from Barbara Dexter’s session at the SEDA conference the following day on “Targets and performance measures in educational development: how helpful are they?” and David Baume’s session […]

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