Friday round-up: 3rd July

Well that is two weeks in a row that we have achieved “freewheel Friday”, albeit this week with 4/6 of the family as just Mike, me, Sylvia and Isaac went out on a bike ride. Which actually was rather lovely as going out with the older children who are both proficient riders meant that we could just go out without a destination and ended up having a fab ride, meandering and discovering new areas of our local area. Sylvia even commented that we looked like “a normal family”, not quite sure about that ha ha.

Playing in grassland on Freewheel Friday 2

The other big news of the week was that we “kidnapped” my mother to bring her to stay for a bit. Mike went up with Sylvia and Isaac to York which was an adventure for them and left me and the girls at home, which was also an adventure for us. Going for a little walk in the forest and then watching TV in bed – new favourite hit “The Floor is Lava” on Netflix. Amazing how much quieter it is with “just” two children. And I did the nursery run which felt like back to some kind of normality – I do not think I have seen so many people in one place for a long time! Mum being here has meant little things have changed such as Mike and I being able to do a walk after dinner which was probably the most uninterrupted time we’ve had together in 14 weeks.

Girls after dinner forest walk

Work-wise it is still all about timetabling and other relentless things to think about and get done for September, whilst also trying to do some other things I had committed to before, such as writing a book chapter on Third Space leaders. Its hard to prioritise when you have put some things off for so long that they then become urgent, yet they seem to conflict with the grander urgency of September. I’m trying to be focused on what is the most important and also have put a slot in my diary entitled “hold for unexpected” which has made some people laugh. I now know enough from working in this way that by Thursday each week there will definitely have been something come in which is unexpected.

And on 1st July I started my Happiness Project one sentence daily journal where you coalesce each day into one sentence, is quite interesting what comes up as the overriding thing you want to remember each day. The journal lasts for 5 years so it will be funny to look back at this time in a year and so on. So far the overriding memory has not been about email, no surprises there.

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