SEDA CPD Report 2019-2020: What I did

I’m taking the “actions” outlined at the end of my report from last year as a start to my reflection. Despite the pandemic I have not really edited these substantially just reframed in terms of timeline

LSP session

So here are my actions from last year with a brief summary of what I have done in each of these areas:

Bridget Riley, reflection
  1. Keep developing LSP sessions – aim for 2 more this year. This I achieved early in 2020. I ran sessions for other universities and also ran a series of sessions in my own institution to support the development of our newly shaped Directorate and future vision. I had more planned but Covid-19 put a stop to that 🙁
  2. Publish 3 papers including 1 on playful leadership – I have three papers that are in various stages of finalisation/awaiting journal acceptance etc. I have not been able to progress this quite as much as I have liked again due to workload exploding since March this year. The playful leadership one is definitely on hold at the moment.
  3. Work on online presence – blog/website around LSP. Hurrah! I have actually achieved this! No one is reading my blog but just getting into the discipline of regular writing is an achievement in itself and I hope to factor more of this into my time next year.
  4. Bring more playful attitudes into work and strategy discussion, use City Learning and Teaching Committee as a starting point. This is very much a work in progress but something that I have not forgotten about. I had started to do this before the pandemic and we have created a playful practice community.
  5. Attend playful learning conference for whole conference! – sadly not possible this year due to Covid-19.
  6. Reframe Directorate around education – this was a work in progress earlier in 2020 and now has been coalesced in a way through the response to the pandemic so people understand the work we do. More work will continue on this when we are in a more “normal” period – what does that look like?!
  7. Continue with HEDG KPI work – pilots. This has been delayed due to a variety of reasons, people changing roles, covid-19, IT problems. But I am hopeful we will pilot in September.
  8. Consider any CPD needed to sponsor learning analytics and attainment projects. Been undertaking more work around race awareness and bias to do with sponsorship of attainment work and will continue this.
  9. Continue to work on using time effectively, time management, reflection and blocking out diary. Done a lot of work around this. Been absolutely vital for coping during the pandemic and I have been happy about how this has progressed.,
  10. Consider future direction. This may be ongoing! but I have started coaching and this has been really helpful in thinking about the future.

Read section 2: Why I did it….

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